Habit No. 3: Sleeping

I can not stress enough the major role and importance of a good night sleep.
If you can change only one thing about your life or your childrens’ life, let it be your sleeping habits.
Once you do, you will notice the major impact it has on you life. On every aspect of it.


Styx lion cubs sleeping by Andrew Batchelor

Styx lion cubs sleeping by Andrew Batchelor

I can not stress enough the major role and importance of a good night sleep.
If you can change only one thing about your life or your children’s’ life, let it be your sleeping habits.
Once you do, you will notice the major impact it has on you life. On every aspect of it.

1. Go to bed and wake up at the same time every day. Or at least around the same time. Even on weekends.
It ìs very important for your health (both the mental and the physical).

2. If you have slept late for quite a while, reverse this unhealthy habit gradually. Go to bed 15 minutes earlier than the day before each night. Turn on your alarm so you don’t forget. Have a reminder an hour before the alarm, so you will make it easier for yourself to comply with it.
If you miss a day or more, don’t be harsh on yourself. Just be consistent and get back on track to happier life.
Keep going to bed 15 minutes earlier till you reach your favourable bedtime.

3. Remember. Wake up in the same time everyday. If you’re used to waking up late, turn the alarm to 15 minutes earlier each day, till you reach your ideal waking hour. If you don’t know what it is, make it 8 o’clock. The earlier the better. Even if you aren’t a ‘morning person’. You will have more time for yourself and you can use it to relax, have a nice lengthy breakfast, exercise lightly or just plan and visualize your day. All those activities carry their benefits and have great impact on your whole day.
And most important of all, that keeps you in charge of your day, your week,  ect., and hence, your life. And getting control back, decreases depression and feelings of incompetence and is very valuable by itself.

4. Avoid caffeine, sugars, fried, spicy and all kinds of stimulating foods at least eight hours.

5. Have water beside your bed so when Y get thirsty all you have to do is reach out for it.

6. Take Magnesium an hour before your bedtime.Among it’s other benefits,  It relaxes your muscles and helps you sleep better. For better absorption, take it along with the vitamins C, B6 and E. (unless you’re a month before surgery and if so, omit E, since it dilutes the blood).

7. Avoid consuming caffeine, chocolate/cocoa, wine, black/green tea, sugar, spicy food, aged cheese and any stimlating food/beverage at least 5 hours before your bedtime.

8.Have a relaxing evening routine. Avoid stimulating activities/foods. Listen to natural sounds/relaxing music/music you have good memories of. Read a nice old fashioned classic book.

9.Finish dinner 3 hours before you go to bed. Drink water/caffeine free herb tea (chamomile or melissa = lemon balm is great). Eat vegetables after dinner if you need a snack. Prepare them in advance.

10.In bed, think of at least 3 good things that you have accomplished today. Even the slightest one counts. Even just putting something in it’s place or doing one push up or getting one tiny thing done. Indulge in the most simple joy. Make it a habit. Forgive yourself and move on. Promise yourself to take care of one thing tat worries you tomorrow or at a certain date and time. It will help your subconscious let go of worrying about it.

None of the above replaces consulting with your physician. All is derived of my own personal experience and if you have any doubts as to whether it’s good for you, consult your physician. 

Clean your plate!

confused-boy httpcooktimewithremmi.comcook_time_tipsstop-cleaning-up-that-plate

Scronny a child that I were, I have always heard this sentence coming daily at lunchtime from my mom.

No wonder later I did that so well she had to beg me to stop eating. I didn’t cooperate. Not even when she offered to pay me a large sum of money for every pound I lose (and believe you me she couldn’t afford it but she would since she was do desperate to see me healthy. She was very health conscious way before it was hip) for little did I know that years from then I would struggle to gain every ounce to get my health back.

So I urge you. Don’t ask your child to clean the plate, nor let this phrase echo in your head while you eat.

Just eat till hunger is gone. You don’t have to feel full to get what you need from food.

10 tips for losing weight


1. Go to sleep early. Sleep deprivation has many adverse effects on your health.
Every night go to sleep15 minutes earlier than the previous night.
Do this every day till you manage to get at least 8 hours of sleep.
Get into bed 30 minutes before you are supposed you sleep.
Prepare a bottle of water at your bedside so you won’t get out of bed and get tempted to eat or watch TV.

2. Aquire the habbit of sleeping and waking at the same time everyday. It will do good to your biological clock.

3. Drink at least 8 cups of water a day.
Prepare a bottle at work as well as at home, to make sure you get the minimum amount of water.
The benefits of drinking water are numerous. So go ahead and give yourself this treat.

4. Begin 3 of your meals with fresh vegetables. Slice them in advance if you have to. Season them with olive oil, onion and garlic.

5. Use lemon juice to replace some of the salt. Lemon juice is good for you.

6. Drink a spoonfull or two in half a cup of luke warm water first thing in the morning. You may add some honey or agava syrup if it’s too sour for you.

7. Eat 2-3 fruits till noon. If you want to have cake, eat it till 10 am.

7. In each of the large meals have a big bowl of salad and a nice portion of protein ( Lean meat, chicken, turkey, north sea fish, cheese or soy).

8. Eat carbs (Cereals, rice, potatoes, yams, pasta etc.) about two hours after eating proteins.

9. Aquire the habbit of reading food lables. Avoid buying foods containing ingredients you can’t pronounce.

10. And most important of all don’t deprive yourself of things you love. You are building habbits to last. Not just losing weight in order to gain it back. So if you love some unhealthy foods have less and less of them, till you can do with a tiny slice once in a while.

I’m here for you. Contact me and I will be happy to help.

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On the inside I am skinny

For the old fat me…years ago. Being fat for only a couple of years left me aware of it forever.


For the old fat me…years ago. Being fat for only a couple of years left me aware of it forever. Iam still working on it :).

Chubby thighs,
love handles, too,
Tell you lies
All through and through.

Can not hide it,
Can’t wear mini,
But on the inside
I am skinny!

Habit No.1: Breathing

Breathing is the first thing you did when you came into this world.

Over the years you got accustomed to shallow breathing. Only enough for you to survive. But you need much more than that. Both for your body and your soul.

You will want to acquire the habit of breathing through your nose, to begin with. If you were not breathing this way till now, make an effort to be aware of it. It will be odd at the beginning, but later on it will become instinctive and it will be a part of you. You will feel better and sleep better and be healthier.

The second breathing habit you will want to acquire will be the one that relieves you from tension and fear. This tiny, easy, simple habit will literally change your emotional life and turn you into a calmer and hence a stronger person.

All you need to do is breath in normally, inhaling as you always do, not deeply. Then you exhale real slow, while making the sound “ffffffff” or “ssssss” or “sh sh sh” through almost closed relaxed lips, patiently letting air out gently and slowly till all the air is out. You do this for only one minute, three times. You do it in the morning and in the evening, in a quiet room with no distractions.

You can also do it before you fall asleep. It will relax you, move your attention away of stressful thought and help you fall asleep faster Then you do it every time you feel overwhelmed, anxious or exited, even in public.

No one can tell that you do it if you do it lightly.So it can assist you in stressful events.

Later do it for two minutes each time. It relaxes your body, slows down your pulse and raises your hands temperature a bit. You will start feeling in control. It feels great. Then start the habit of deeper breathing. I will write about it later.

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Habit No.2: Drinking

Yes. Drinking.
No. Not alcohol. WATER.
Drink cool fresh water.
A cup per hour. Or eight cups a day.
More if you are straining or outdoors in a hot weather.

Learn to savour the moment. Enjoy each sip. Imagine you are in the desert and just found a magic fountain.
Or just force yourself to. Darn it!

Well, now seriously. Most of our body is made of water. Just take a mental note of that. Athletes take water very seriously. They drink a lot in the days before a contest. They know well of the way it affects their peak performance.

Water drinking, if done properly, reduces your chance to suffer from a stroke substantially.

It also helps digestion, provided you do not drink while eating, since it dilutes the acids that digest your food.

It keeps your colon, your kidneys and your blood density in a better shape and prevents many health problems.
And the best part is it is easy and accessible.
So start drinking!

And remember that alcohol, caffein and tea deprive you of fluids. So drink a cup of water any time you can.
Do not drink excessively, since you do not want to dilute your blood too much.

You need about 8 cups of water a day. And coffee tea and sodas are not taken into consideration.

Put a glass of water at your bedside (or a bottle). Drink 2 cups of water as you wake. Add some hot water if the weather is cold, to make it easier to drink as you wake.

And the bonus is (among other things) it will help you to lose weight (if you need to) and make your skin more radiant.

So be there for yourself. Drink water!