I sleep like a baby

Just some silly thoughts. A direct result of being sleep-deprived.



Just some silly thoughts. A direct result of being sleep-deprived

Just some silly thoughts. A direct result of being sleep-deprivedHow I wish I slept like a baby.
Oh, wait. I actually do sleep like one.

As I get into bed I toss and turn and remember I’m hungry and if I could I’d cry for someone to get me food. But since I’m the mom here, it’s my duty. And as the best mom on earth (if to take my childrens’ word on it) I can not deprive myself of the pleasures I let other familiy members enjoy.
So I get downstairs, toast some gluten free bread till it becomes edible, devour it with some cottage cheese and garlic and maybe a hard boiled egg in front  of some TV old sitcom, have some chamomile tea and head back to bed as happy as a baby.

Then I play my mobile phone (well I actually read. Too much) till my eyes hurt enough to finally fall asleep like a baby.

Then I wake up 3 hours later, wishing I could cry again for someone to feed me (Of course I’m the one who makes myself yellow lable Lipton tea with two tablespoons of sugar and lots of milk that help my omega 3 go down in a most delightfull way).And so my day begins.

So for the love of God do not do that!

Please take my advice. I used to take it too for a while. So believe me. It’s a good one.

It has improved my life, my mood, my energy levels, my tolerance and my good cheer.
As for my kids, it improved their appetite, their mood and their concentration at any age. Everytime they went off track, I herded them back ( except of when I was too sick to do it).

On my next post “Habit No.3: Sleeping” I’ll tell you how this magic works. Some of it is on the post 10 tips for losing weight.
So see ya.

Trying Vegan

Sorry for not being politically correct.
I tried going vegan and hated every minute.
Naturally, if I had a private chef and was able to eat gluten, things might have been different.

(from “Boo-tleg” in The Simpsons’ Treehouse of Horror, by Ben Jones, 2009)

As an ex-vegeterian, I have more than welcomed the idea of going vegan.

My eldest son brought it up after a few months of ongoing activity in the subject. So I dived into it, not realizing the ultimate folly of it.

I refer to vegan products. I have been on a raw food diet for a couple of months, which made vegan diet heaven on earth in comparison since I could cook, bake and buy ready made food.
Well, at least that’s what I thought. What I didn’t know was that I needed to have a 28 hours day, since 24 hours wouldn’t do.
You need to put about 4 hours of slaving in the kitchen everyday.

Sorry for not being politically correct.
I tried going vegan and hated every minute.
Naturally, if I had a private chef and was able to eat gluten, things might have been different.

Well, my son wanted to try it for 2 months for supporting a better world. I could hardly last a week but nevertheless and for the same reason I stuck with him and joined in. I also bought a state of the art blender for him since he hardly ate anything so those shakes were lifesavers.

He lost about 20 pounds during those 2 months, turned yellow due to iron deficit and lost a lot of his mussle mass (he is an athlete) his famous strength and all his good cheer. I was really worried about him. Even his teachers in highschool have noticed he looked weak and ill and very pale.

Lucky for him, he had decided not to turn it into a habit but nevertheless to keep raising awareness of the subject (I even tried importing a few vegan foods. It failed due to our strict regulation).

One of the things that brought him to end it was the fact that vegan food that was not raw was heavilly processed and contained very unhealthy ingredients.

It is quite a folly to fuss over animal’s health and in the same time leave yours out of the equation.

Also we don’t have a maid/butler that could take care of it, I couldn’t take it anymore and he didn’t have time for it (He was either studing or training or coaching everyday from 8 am to either 8 pm or 10 pm and I had a businness to run).

I thought it was all about being better people and eating healthy food but health had nothing to do with it.

Vegans would eat anything that is vegan, no matter how processed and bad for your health it may be.

They’re so frustrated of not having anything decent to eat, they go violent with they’re hatred for us, carnivors.

No wonder about that. I was even more cranky. I couldn’t have gluten as well. And since I worked hard to gain every pound that I had at that time, I broke after a month since I too lost weight and felt bad since it wasn’t food you want to devour (its an understatement).

If you don’t fry food than most of the foods are unedible and you just eat to survive. Well, sorry, but it isn’t for me. As skinny as I am, I like my food tasty. Not just bearable.

And I couldn’t take the endless hours in the kitchen, since although you can sometimes make some tasty stuff, you will never feel like the way you feel after eating good oldfashioned food. Even eggs. Neither the flavour nor the texture remotely resemble real food.

Oh, and don’t get me talking about the texture. The horror! Anything you try to make crumbles. Tons of food goes to the trash can since even a dog wouldn’t touch it. Nor a cat (Tried to feed both). So how do you expect people to eat it?

And last but not least, my son was just the classic vegan: How can you tell if a person is vegan? You don’t need to. He will tell you himself. 24/7.